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Our community garden is growing!

We’re designing a garden in Sussex for the local community, who’ve received £1,000 funding to help create a green space.

Written by
Danielle Hicks
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We've been working in partnership with a group led by local councillor Maya Evans, charity 'Surviving the Streets' and local residents. W were granted a licence to take over a previously vandalised, boarded up park.

Our contractors Osbornes generously pledged £1,000 of funding to provide trees and plants for the green space, encouraging local wildlife.

The space has now been renamed’ Woody Wood Garden’ and is located on the Hollington Estate, Hastings.

Included at Woody Wood Garden is a nature walk with guides to insects, trees and plants. The walk leads to the garden via a beautiful fruit orchard.

Local schools will start to grow food on the lower deck, with free composters being provided for 10 houses, and a gorgeous seating area for people to relax, chat and enjoy the great outdoors.

The site is currently being prepared and cleared, with dumped tyres being removed and the materials being recycled for future raised flower beds.  Works are just beginning – watch this space as we transform it into a green retreat!