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Saving money and energy!

Sussex resident, Julie, has been able to save for Christmas thanks to Optivo making her home greener!

Written by
Danielle Hicks
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Her home has been part of Optivo’s retrofit programme to install equipment such as solar panels and new boilers to assist residents with energy costs and help the environment.

And since the changes, Julie has found her bills have more than halved, helping her save for Christmas with her family.

This has made life a lot more comfortable with not worrying about such high bills. Especially with Christmas round the corner. My Daughter has even noticed the difference. It’s meant we can go out for meals, coffee and even shopping trips with the extra money.”

The project is part of Optivo’s Green Homes Grant that will see 93 homes transformed to increase their energy efficiency rating to C or above. We’ve committed to ensure all our homes have an energy performance rating of C or above by 2030.

And Julie, who works as a receptionist in a busy Doctors surgery, has noticed the impact on her carbon footprint as well as her monthly bills.

She said: “Since having the equipment installed, I’m using less energy. It really makes you aware of how much you use. It’s nice to know that the energy I’m using is low wastage and eco-friendlier.”

Looking forward to a greener Christmas

The family are now looking forward to having Christmas in their cosy home, putting the money they’ve saved towards the festive season.

Julie added: “I can’t thank you enough, you’ve made life so much easier.”

For more information on Optivo’s sustainability strategy and the commitment we’re making to the environment, click here