Dan and Katie's story: Buying a home through Shared Ownership

IMAGE: Dan and Katie

Shared Ownership made Dan and Katie's property dream come true

“It’s £1,000 down the drain every month!” That’s how Katie described life as a private renter. But together with her partner, Dan, they have found a truly affordable Shared Ownership deal with Optivo.

It means the couple are now able to put down roots and have something to show for their money.

Dan and Katie purchased a 50% share of a cosy two bedroom home in Croydon, enabling them to finally get on the property ladder in December 2017.

IMAGE: Dan and Katie talk about moving into their homeKatie, 28, a compliance manager for a recruitment agency, explained:

“It’s lovely walking through the door and knowing this is ours and we don’t have to move in a year.

We’ve done a bit of decorating and it’s nice to know we’re able to paint the walls how we want. This was the first property we viewed and we were really lucky to get it.”

The spacious home has the separate kitchen and living room which was high on Dan and Katie’s wish list.

It’s within a great location – just ten minutes from the busy East Croydon station which has frequent services into London.

Describing life as a private renter, Katie said: “There’s no investment. Calculate the amount you pay over five years? You’re burning money.

We’d lived together in two private rented properties, but the rug had been pulled quite swiftly from underneath us through no fault of our own.

The great thing about Shared Ownership is you don’t need a giant deposit. How long would it have taken us to save a £30,000 deposit, especially when we’re paying around £1,000 a month in rent? It’s crazy and unrealistic. With Shared Ownership it allowed us to have a tangible goal.”

"With Shared Ownership it allowed us to have a tangible goal."

IMAGE: Dan and Katie celebrate moving into their Shared Ownership home
Our Home Ownership Team were with Dan and Katie every step of the way on their journey to Shared Ownership – from the moment they spotted their ideal home to handing them the keys.

IT manager Dan, 26, said: “They were really responsive and we could ask them any question.

They were easy to get hold of and the communication was really good.”

Katie joked: “We were probably a real handful as we were really on it! But the Optivo team were so helpful.”

"A rewarding part of the job."

Lawrence Lidbury, our Resales Manager here at Optivo, added: “Handing over the keys to a couple like Dan and Katie is such a rewarding part of my job. Croydon is currently ranked among the top places where house prices are rising faster than earnings.

It makes getting on the property ladder almost impossible for people in the same boat as Dan and Katie. It’s great to know that Shared Ownership has made their property dream come true.”

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