Jon and Mollie's story: Shared Ownership turns home dream into a reality

IMAGE: Mollie and Jon

Shared Ownership turned Jon and Mollie's home dream into a reality

When couple Jon and Mollie spotted their dream home in Cane Hill, Coulsdon, they thought it was well out of their price range.

But a Shared Ownership opportunity with Optivo turned their distant hopes into a reality.
The pair have moved into a stunning two bedroom home in a location they so desperately wanted to live in - for a deposit of just £11,375.
And sitting on their comfortable sofa in a spacious front room, they couldn’t be happier.

Jon, who had previously been living in a one bedroom rented flat with Mollie, said: “When we were searching for a new home we didn’t even think of new builds. We were looking at small, older houses. I knew very little about Shared Ownership, but did a little bit of Google work and soon found out with less deposit we could get a house.”
Originally, Jon, 28, and Mollie, 26, had researched private homes in Cane Hill, but three-bedroom houses were on the market in excess of half a million pounds.
However, they couldn’t believe their luck when they spotted a perfect Shared Ownership two bedroom house in the same area. The truly affordable option was with Optivo and they immediately contacted Sales Officer, Annette.
Mollie, who works in Customer Service and Travel, said: “We spoke to Annette who was really helpful. She explained everything to us and gave us an information pack. We knew how much homes cost up here and explained we’d love to live here.”
A viewing was swiftly arranged and the excited couple headed to the popular leafy neighbourhood.
Account Manager Jon added: “We looked around for ten seconds and said ‘can we have it!’.”

"We looked around for ten seconds and said 'can we have it!'." 

The whole process started in July and they were supported by the Optivo team every step of the way.
By the beginning of October they had moved in. The couple went for 25% share of the property, worth £113,750, and paid a 10% deposit.
The joy of Shared Ownership is they’ll be able to buy a bigger share in the home in the future if they wished. In most cases, you can eventually own 100% outright.
Mollie said: “I think more people should do this. London is so ridiculously pricey. If you’re looking at taking the first step on the property ladder and haven’t got a huge deposit or can’t afford the full amount then I’d say this is the best option for you.”
Jon added: “My family visited and couldn’t believe how nice it was. For a first house it doesn’t get much better than this!”

"Glad we were able to help."

Sales Officer Annette said: “I’m so glad we were able to help Jon and Mollie. They’re among a number of first time buyers taking advantage of Shared Ownership.

It’s great to see they’re so happy in their beautiful, new home and living in a desirable area they originally thought was out of their reach.”

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