Options when moving home

Image: Women looking at options when moving homeIf you rent a home from us are are looking to move there are a number of options available to you.

This includes

  1. Mutual exchange

  2. Registering with your local authority

  3. Mobility Schemes

  4. Buying a home through Shared Ownership

  5. Rent privately

  6. Independent Living for older people

To find out more please read our Housing options booklet.

Ending your tenancy? 

If you're looking to end your tenancy you must give four weeks written notice. You’ll also need to:

  • Clear your home of any belongings when you leave
  • Return all the keys and/or fobs (this includes your meter keys)
  • Pay any outstanding arrears or make an arrangement to.

If you’re an executor of a will and you need to end the tenancy of someone that has passed away, you’ll need to also:

  • Provide documentary evidence that you are the executor
  • Provide a signed end of tenancy form
  • Provide the death certificate.

Further information about our housing options is available in the following documents:

Need help?

If you need help applying for any housing options scheme we can do the following for you:


image: A happy couple who've just bought a houseWant to buy the home you rent?

If you're not looking to move, but would like to buy the home that you rent from us, then this may be possible.

There are a number of schemes that allow you to do this and the eligibility criteria for each is different.

Find out more about these options.