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You can report incidents of anti social behaviour (ASB) by contacting us. 

When you report an incident of ASB these will be passed to one of Housing Officers or ASB Officers, depending on what is being reported. They’re trained to help and find a way forward.

They’ll ask you about the problems you’re having and assess the risk to you by completing a short risk questionnaire. They’ll then create an action plan with you and tell you who’ll be dealing with your case.

They may ask you to keep a record of the ASB issues you’re having and it may be suggested that you use the Noise App to do this.

How it works

You’ll need to contact us and let us know you’ll be registering to the Noise app so we can check the recordings after the two week period.image: noise app logo

If we don’t receive any recordings in that two week period the case won’t be investigated further.

To start you need to download the app.

  • For iPhone users go to the “App Store” and search for “The Noise App” and tap “Get” or “Install” to start the download.
  • For Andorid users go to the “Play Store” and search “The Noise App RHE” and choose “Install” after selecting the app.
Download Noise App

When you open the app you'll be asked to create an account. As part of this process you will be asked who you want to report the noise matter to (in this case, Optivo). Full details on how to send your noise recording to us here at Optivo can be found in the user guide or YouTube video below.

 Download user guide


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