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'LIVE' is your resident magazine from Optivo, designed with the help of residents.

Summer LIVE is here!

We’re pleased to bring you the latest LIVE magazine for summer 2021. Our theme this edition is 'Staying Safe'. It’s a phrase we’ve all become very familiar with over the last year and a half. Not only is it important to continue to stay safe as we go out, but we’re here to support you in staying safe in your home. Read our special safety feature on pages 6-7. 

You’ll also find this edition jam packed with your stories and the latest news from where you live. Take a look.


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LIVE is going fully digital!

From winter 2021, we’ll only be sharing LIVE as a digital publication. Don’t worry, we’ll email and text you with the link when it comes out so you can stay up to date with what’s going on. Please make sure we have your email address and mobile number, you can update these via MyAccount.

There are many great reasons to go online, including huge cost savings and a reduction in our environmental impact. However, if you’re still keen to receive a printed edition of LIVE you can request this. Please opt back into receiving a printed version by completing the form below.

Previous editions:

Want to read a previous edition of LIVE magazine? Good news! All past editions are available here on our website. Select the link below to read all our previous editions: