Fire safety & cladding

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The safety of residents is our number one priority. We have robust procedures and comprehensive controls in place regarding fire safety which are reviewed and tested on a regular basis. We want to ensure all of our buildings continually meet the highest fire safety standards.

We want to make sure our residents are safe in the building they live in. It’s why we’re doing everything we can to comply with all the Government guidance and regulations to ensure all our buildings meet the required standards.

Update about fire safety costs

We’ve long called for clarity from the Government around who should pay for fire remediation costs. We welcome the Government announcement that leaseholders shouldn’t have to pay, along with further detail about recovering costs from developers. And we’re glad these commitments carry the full force of law, following the passage of the Building Safety Act 2022 on 28 April. 

We’re pleased to confirm we’ve updated our policy to reflect the new government position. We will not pass on costs to leaseholders for: 

•    any fire safety remediation works we undertake related to historic defects as defined by the Building Safety Act 2022 
•    work carried out relating to interim measures - this includes temporary alarm installations and evacuation management costs (such as Waking Watch).

This applies to all leaseholders*, irrespective of the height of the building you’re living in.

We hope this comes as good news, as we know the national uncertainty over fire safety costs has caused significant concerns for some of our leaseholders.

Like many other housing associations across the country, we’ve struggled with the lack of clarity and guidance from previous Government announcements. This has meant we’ve not always been able to provide meaningful updates to you, which has understandably led to frustration. 

We hope this decision will reassure our leaseholders that they won’t face costs for historic or interim works as described above.

You may have further questions about your building. We have some updated FAQs which you may find useful - click here

*This may not apply if you’re a buy to let investor or if you own more than three properties.

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