Our commitment

We continue to strive for the highest standards when it comes to fire safety.
  • We’ve completed all Fire Risk Assessments (FRAs) for all our blocks and we’ve completed new FRAs for all our high rise blocks. All resulting actions from these inspections are being completed and are regularly monitored by our Health and Safety group, Operational Performance Team and Board

  • Each building has its own Fire Risk Assessment. Contact us if you would like to receive a copy of the risk assessment report for your building

  • We’ve validated the competency of all of our fire risk assessors who have completed FRAs on our behalf. We’ve completed validation checks in relation to the accuracy of our FRAs

  • We’ve created a dedicated Fire Safety Team to manage and audit all aspects of fire safety overseen by our Head of Fire Safety & Special Projects

  • We’ve signed a new Primary Authority Partnership with the London Fire Brigade which will provide greater consistency when dealing with Fire Regulators

  • Reviewed our major work procedures to ensure new FRAs are obtained where work could impact upon the fire integrity of our buildings

  • Joined the G15 Grenfell Response Group. Actions from this group are included within our fire action plan

  • We’re working with the Fire and Rescue Service who undertake audits on our blocks and make recommendations which we implement.

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