Our approach to cladding and fire safety

IMAGE: Fire Exit sign

We want to make sure our residents are safe in the building they live in. It’s why we’re doing everything we can to comply with all the Government guidance and regulations to ensure all our buildings meet the required standards.

Since the Grenfell Tower tragedy, the Government has set up investigations into materials and practices used in buildings.image; Keeping you safe in your home leaflet

It has issued advice notes which sets out the immediate actions building owners should take to address the risk of fire spread. This includes things like external wall systems, such as cladding, on our blocks.

We’re working hard to bring buildings into line with the new regulations. The investigations and interim measures to keep residents safe and remedial works come at a huge cost.

As a not-for-profit organisation we are under an obligation to protect our charitable aims. We have to carefully consider any money we’re spending and the impact it has on all residents. Our main priority will always be keeping our residents safe.

We have written to leaseholders in some blocks to explain we may need to recover contributions to the cost from them. Recharging leaseholders for remediation work will be our last resort. We’re seeking to recover as much of the cost as possible from other parties.

Our fire safety document below details the key routes we’re pursuing:

Read our fire safety document

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