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Image: A series of tools used to report a repair

Image: A woman reporting a repair online using the MyAccount App on her phoneIf you need to report a repair for something which is our responsibility as your landlord, there are a number of different ways you can do it.

Your responsibilities for repair work are different depending on whether you rent your home from us or are a leaseholder or homeowner.
Find out more about repair responsibilities here. 


Coronavirus: the impact on Optivo services

We're continuing to follow Government advice on the Coronavirus. This means we're making changes to our repairs services to help keep residents and staff safe.

We’ve had to make some difficult decisions. We’re now taking emergency and essential repairs only at this time. And if you’re due a non-emergency repair, we won’t be conducting this at the moment. Read more.

If you’ve been told to self-isolate and we’re due to visit your home it is critical you let us know beforehand. This is vital for the safety of our residents, staff and others.

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Need to report a repair?

If the repair is our responsibility, you need to report it to us. The easiest and quickest way to report any repairs is using MyAccount, your free and secure online service. You can also report repairs by phone or online chat. 

For emergency repairs, please call us. Please note, if you provide misleading or false information which makes us believe your repair is an emergency when it isn't, we may charge you for the call-out.

What you can expect

We want to provide a fast and efficient service for anyone reporting non-emergency repairs (we’ll make a decision on which repairs are emergency or not once you contact us).

Here’s what you can expect :

  • We’ll make it easy for you to report a repair online
  • Friendly, helpful and knowledgeable Customer Experience Advisors when you report a repair by phone
  • A convenient, mutually-agreed appointment date/time
  • We’ll turn up at the right time and carry out the agreed work
  • Our operatives will be polite and competent
  • We’ll always show ID
  • Where possible, we’ll finish the job in one visit
  • If we need more than one visit (to order extra parts or call on specialist help), we’ll keep you up to date with dates/times
  • Leave the work area clean and tidy
  • Payment for missed appointments
  • Agreed date/time for follow-up works (if needed)
  • Inspections to check standards
  • Follow-up satisfaction surveys
  • Monitor satisfaction levels so we learn from our mistakes
  • An ‘out of hours’ emergency service.

What is an emergency repair?

An emergency repair is anything which causes immediate risk to your health and safety or has damaged the structure of your home.

Emergency repairs include things like:

  • Severe flooding/uncontainable leaks
  • Gas leaks (Southern Gas Networks)
  • Complete electrical failure
  • Board ups & securing property
  • Passenger and Mobility lift breakdowns.

Our emergency repair service is 'make safe' only. For emergency repairs, please call us.

Please note, if you provide misleading or false information which makes us believe your repair is an emergency when it isn't, we may charge you for the call-out.

If you need to report a gas leak, please call National Grid on 0800 111999 or go online at

If you need to report a power cut or electrical emergency, please contact The UK Power Network on 0800 31 63 105 or 105 or go online at

What about gas and heating repairs?

If you have a problem with your heating, there are a few things you can do to try and get it working without the need for an engineer. Please try these steps before calling. Click here to read more.

If you still have problems after trying these steps, please get in touch. How you contact us for gas or heating repair work may be different to how you report other repairs.

Find out more here.

What about home improvements and DIY?

Apart from decorating, all home improvements need our permission.

Find out about the process involved plus how we can provide equipment and adaptations if you need help getting around your home.

Ways to contact us...

image: myaccount iconThe quickest and easiest way to report a repair is through our online service MyAccount (for emergencies, it’s best to call us).

With MyAccount, you can also manage your rent, repairs plus lots more from the comfort of your own home.

Go to MyAccount

image: telephone ico
You can call us about your repair on 0800 121 60 60.

We’re available from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. An emergency service operates outside these hours.


image: Online chat iconOnline Chat:
You can talk to one of our advisors about your repair using our online chat facility. This service is available Monday to Friday between the hours of 9am to 4.45pm.


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