Coronavirus: Repairs service update

image: an Optivo team member making repairsLast updated: 19 July 2021

Following the easing of lockdown, we’ve resumed our full repairs service following updated guidance from the government. 

We know you may still have concerns relating to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Even though most national COVID19 restrictions have been lifted, the safety of our residents and staff remains our number one priority.  For this reason, with high numbers of COVID cases in the community, we’ll be continuing to follow our current safety measures for the time being (this will see us continuing with the wearing of face coverings and employing social distancing).

Depending on the type of works, our contractors will ask you to stay in a different room or keep a distance of two metres or more from them while they’re working in the property.

The number of operatives in your home will be kept to a minimum at all times.

The operatives will wear suitable protective wear when in your property.

Our surveyors and resident liaison officers will be available to contact at any time if you’ve any concerns. This will be provided when we phone and call you.

Remember, if you're still self isolating or displaying any symptoms and we’re due to visit your home,  it’s critical you let us know beforehand. This is vital for the safety of our staff and others.

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