Coronavirus: Repairs service update

Last updated: 3 June 2021

The Government recognises the importance of safe housing, so in line with their guidance we’ll continue to carry out urgent repairs.image: an Optivo team member making repairs

While this new lockdown continues, we’re encouraging you to call us only to report emergency and essential repairs*.

We aren’t able to accept calls to report any new non-essential repairs. However, you can report these on MyAccount. We’ll continue to attend non-essential repairs which have already been reported.

Reporting new repairs and chasing information for existing ‘backlog’ repairs is keeping us as busy as ever. We have to continuously reassess the outstanding repairs and prioritise those which are most severe. It’s going to take time for us to clear this backlog. We appreciate your patience during this busy time.  

* View a full list of emergency and essential repairs:

  • Issues which could, or have already, caused significant damage to your home such as roof leaks, flooding, fire or structural damage
  • Total loss of electricity, mains water, hot water and/or heating
  • Works within external and communal areas such as groundworks (fencing, paving etc.), decoration and communal lighting
  • Safety checks such as gas boiler servicing, legionella, asbestos, fire-safety, electricity checks (and any urgent works resulting from these checks)
  • Any repair required which poses a potential danger to the public
  • Water leaks from a water-pipe or riser on the landlord side of the stopcock which is causing flooding
  • Making homes safe immediately after a flood e.g. checking electrics
  • Dealing with the effect of severe storm damage (after the storm has passed)
  • Risk of falling masonry or structural collapse or collapse of ceilings
  • Total loss of electricity supply or loss of a power or lighting (but excluding a loss caused by a power company)
  • Unsafe electrical fittings (excluding resident-owned appliances )
  • Breaches of security to outside doors and windows (broken glazing will be boarded, replacing glazed units is resident’s responsibility)
  • Fixing a gas leak (if a gas leak is suspected you should call the National Grid)
  • Blocked drains, soil pipes and/or toilets
  • Loss of heating and/or hot water
  • Emptying cess-pits
  • Pumping station failures
  • Passenger lift breakdowns
  • Personal mobility lift breakdowns (where we’re responsible for repairs and servicing)
  • Insecure communal door access
  • Grab-rails/stair hand-rails (Where these are needed to enable a resident to be discharged from hospital or a place of care)
  • Loss of washing facilities including baths, basins, showers, pumps to showers and ‘Gerberit-type’ toilets
  • Loss of drinking water on the landlord side of the stopcock. 
  • Evacuation management services
  • Hard-wired smoke detectors.


Coming into your home

We’ll carry out repairs in a Covid-secure way and our contractors will continue to follow the current Government guidelines when it comes to visits. This has worked very well in recent months.

Please also support our operatives and contractors by keeping to social distancing guidelines whilst we are in your home. We understand this is may be an anxious time, so if you’ve booked a repair but would prefer to postpone it, please contact us. We’ll continue to prioritise emergency appointments and essential property safety checks.

Please note: We must continue with all Health and Safety inspections and related actions, including gas and electrical checks.  These are for your safety and that of all residents, so please allow us access.

Delays for some repairs

Please be aware we’re working through a huge backlog of repairs due to the previous lockdowns. A shortage of certain materials (including plaster and timber) is also having an impact.

There will be unavoidable delays in carrying out non-essential repairs in your home.  We’re really sorry about this and are doing our best to speed up how quickly we get out to see you and reduce waiting times.

If you’re self-isolating

If you’ve been told to self-isolate or have Covid symptoms and we’re due to visit your home it's critical you let us know beforehand. This is vital for the safety of our residents, staff and others.

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