Extra help with your utility supply


28 January 2020​

Could you or someone in your household do with extra support when it comes to your utlity supply? 

​Watch our video to find out more about the Priority Service Register. This is a free service provided by all utility companies. If you're signed up, you could be eligible for everything from bills in braille to advance notice of planned power cuts.

You could also receive priority support in an emergency. This means that, if you're medically dependent on your utlitily supply or you have restricted mobility, your utility company will call you in an emergency to explain what's happened and check if you need help. You could also get additional support during an outage, including bottled water delivered to your door. 

How do I sign up?

Simply call your utility provider, explain why you qualify for the Priority Service Register and they'll get you added straight away. 

Below is a list of water providers, click your provider to go to the Priority Service Register page on their website. 

Thames Water
Southern Water
South Eastern Water
South Staffordshire Water
Severn Trent Water
Anglian Water