Full-Fibre broadband in your home


09 August 2021

Here at Optivo we are committed to providing our residents with great opportunities and a great customer experience. That’s why we’re starting to roll out full fibre broadband to our homes, meaning you will benefit from high internet speeds for a great price!

What does this mean?

We’ve pledged to futureproofing our homes to meet the demands of today. So, we’re working alongside contractors from various broadband organisations to ensure you have a choice of internet provider, package and price.

Please always take into account contracts and cancellation fees with your current provider when looking for a new one.

They’ll be directly in touch with residents in the area’s they’re working in with more information as the project rolls out.

I haven’t heard from any provider yet

Don’t worry! We’re working with our providers to install this for everyone, so if you haven’t heard yet – we haven’t forgotten you! As soon as we begin works in your area – our providers will be in touch.

Want help with getting online?

If you need support with getting online, we’re here to help. Our Digital Inclusions team support residents who want to know more about becoming digital – whether it be creating an email account, working or learning from home digitally or even ordering your essentials. For more information click here