Let’s do something positive – New campaign launches


09 July 2017

We’ve launched a new campaign to get more residents working with us to do something positive and make a difference.

If you’re an Optivo resident, you can have a say and help shape lots of things – from issues in your neighbourhood to repairs, complaints, customer experience, and policies.

Andrew got involved to improve the neighbourhood he lived in.

He said: “As an involved resident I feel like my opinions matter and within just a few months I felt like I was really making a difference. I honestly believe Optivo cannot do the job without residents and residents cannot make things better without Optivo.”

Angela says being involved has really made a difference in her life.

She added: “I feel valued and it’s brought my confidence back up after suffering with post-natal depression.”

'You’re the expert when it comes to your home and community and we can learn a lot from you.  There are also lots of opportunities for you to learn new skills too.

Our campaign will be running until mid September.

To find out more, visit  www.optivo.org.uk/makingadifference.

You can also follow the campaign on our Twitter and Facebook pages.