Optivo Goes Green!


06 August 2021Green-Thread-Header-(1).jpgGreen-Thread-Header.jpg

At Optivo, we care about our environment and want to do all we can to help our planet thrive!

And as one of the largest housing associations in the UK, we have a responsibility to be proactive on sustainability.

Scientific evidence shows that climate change is accelerating so we must all play our part to reduce our impacts on the environment.

That’s why we’ve committed to maintain our good environmental performance, paving the way to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

We believe looking after the planet we live on is everyone’s responsibility. From our residents, colleagues, suppliers we use and our board – we can all make small changes that add up to a big difference. We call this the 'Green Thread'. 

Every positive change that happens today will significantly improve the outlook for future generations.
Our new sustainability strategy provides a schedule of ambitious targets up to 2025, to ensure we are doing our best for our planet.

Together, we’ll ensure that we reduce our carbon footprint and provide sustainable and resilient environments to live and work.

You can read our strategy here