Fire safety tips - portable heaters


12 October 2021

The weather’s starting to get colder and many of us will be turning to portable heaters to stay warm.

However, they can represent a fire hazard and should be used with care.

Our Fire Safety Specialist Kathryn has produced a short video with some top tips on staying safe – see above.

Here are some other things to bear in mind for all types of portable heaters: 
  • Always follow the manufacturers operating and maintenance instructions. Keep them clean and serviced regularly. Pay special attention following a period of storage or after a seasonal break
  • Ensure a permanent safety guard is fitted. If the heater is to be used in one place, fix it securely to a floor or a wall.
  • Turn off portable heaters before going to bed at night
  • Don’t move the heater while it’s alight or switched on
  • Don’t stand or sit too close, your clothing may melt or ignite
  • Don’t place a heater too close to furniture, bedding or curtains
  • Don’t place heaters where they can be knocked over
  • Don’t operate a heater from where a door could open on to it
  • Don’t air, or dry clothing on heaters
  • Don’t leave portable heaters on if young children or pets are left unattended
  • Don’t use flammable adhesives, cleaning fluids or aerosol sprays near a heater
  • Remember that fumes given off from some products are heavier than air and will travel some distance.
Check your heater isn't on a recall list (source: London Fire Brigade) – there have been many fires in the past year connected to heaters that have been recalled.

Finally, we've further fire safety tips here.