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We’re one of the largest housing providers in the UK and a member of the G15 group of London’s largest housing associations. We’ve over 45,000 homes across London, the South East and the Midlands, giving 90,000 people somewhere affordable to call their own. We’re about more than bricks and mortar – we’re about building communities. Our founders were passionate about helping families with a housing need. As Optivo, we’re continuing that strong commitment to social purpose. Read more.

Our coronavirus updates:

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Celebrating International Women's Day

Join us to celebrate International Women’s Day 2021 in a series of online events running throughout the week from Monday 8 March to Friday 12 March.

Emergency Works at Lansdowne Green

From Tuesday 2 March, we’ll be carrying out some emergency repair work on the Lansdowne Green Estate, Lambeth. We’re sorry and apologise for any inconvenience this caused to local residents.

London Living Rent Case Study- Meet Amoy

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, trainee nurse associate, Amoy, was living with her godparents and feared for their health. Now, she’s living in a brand new apartment in Croydon and couldn’t be happier.​...