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A race to help Ukraine

Kind-hearted Midlands residents were quick to respond

Written by
Claire Murphy
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Isn’t it amazing what people can do once they put their minds to it?

In early March, Maureen, a resident in Catherine Court, told her scheme manager Lisa, she was collecting donations for the Ukraine appeal. So Lisa sent around messages to all the Independent Living Team Managers in our region.

Meanwhile, Jackie, the manager at a nearby scheme, Dwyer House, put up posters to ask her residents for donations too.

Within three days, they’d been given so much. In fact, the room got so full they couldn’t even reach the light switch and had to use a stick instead!

We’d like to say thank you so much to the residents of Catherine Court and Dwyer House, to Jackie and Maureen.


They received bags and bags of brand new pillows, quilts, bedding, clothing, medication, toiletries and nappies. Lisa told us: “It was amazing and outstanding.

“Jackie had to made trips to the scheme, each time with her car full of donations from Dwyer House residents.

She’s been working alongside Imran Hameed from Birmingham World Smethwick Community. He’s been arranging humanitarian relief for the past seven years and also runs food banks, helping other in need a time of crisis.”

If you’d like to donate money to the appeal, go to:

Donate money to the appeal