Ben & Nick: A Shared Ownership story


Oh brother! Meet the siblings who bought their first homes in the same stunning apartment block.

It seems an impossible dream to find a beautiful and affordable apartment on the banks of the River Thames.

But through Shared Ownership with Optivo this became a reality for brothers Ben, 24, and Nick, 26.image: Ben and Nick
They chose two one-bedroom apartments, just one floor apart, at Waterway in Wandsworth.
It’s fair to say they’re both happy with their stunning new living quarters in one of the most sought-after districts in South West London.

…And they admit there are perks to living so close to one another.
Nick said: “You look over the balcony and you’ve got a great view of the London skyline. I was looking at places for the same amount of money which were half the size. This is absolutely amazing.”
Ben explained: “The views you have of the River Thames – it’s perfect. At night time you can see the ripples of the water, it really is a beautiful sight. I feel very lucky.

And he added: "It’s handy because if I’m out and I’m expecting a delivery I can ask Nick!”

Ben, a quantity surveyor, had been living with his mum near the Waterway development and was keeping a close eye on the construction work.
He explained: “I could see the building going up so I knew the views would be great. I love Wandsworth and wanted to live close to all my family. I was fairly persistent about getting my application in!”
Nick had been renting and spending over £900 a month. Having researched all of his housing options it was clear Shared Ownership was the best way forward.
Both siblings knew a bit about Shared Ownership as other family members had gone down this route before.

"’s perfect. At night time you can see the ripples of the water, it really is a beautiful sight. I feel very lucky"

And for the brothers, Waterway ticked lots of boxes including ideal location, being spacious and value for money.
The area is also home to a colourful mix of shops and restaurants, bars and boutiques – making it the perfect choice.
Nick, who works as a solutions analyst, said: “If I bought a property with an outright mortgage it wouldn’t be anywhere near the quality of the place I’m in now. With Shared Ownership it’s not a waste of money. You have a mortgage so it is a form of saving.”
Ben described how moving was made easy by Optivo, even through the Covid-19 health crisis.
He said: “Elaine and Rohel (from the Sales and Marketing Team at Optivo) were so helpful. Both were fantastic and supportive. With Covid-19 I felt everything would be up in the air, but the process actually went very well. I was expecting it to be a lot harder, but it was great having that point of contact and being given that reassurance throughout. Moving is always stressful, but Optivo took a lot of the stress out of the whole situation.”
Both Ben and Nick have each bought a 25% share of their one-bedroom apartments.

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