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We want to be transparent in everything we do. We want to give you a clear insight into what we’re doing, how we’re doing and what you need to know.

You can access policy documents, reports and other corporate publications from this page or use website's search function.

Our transparency statement

We're committed to transparency. Expand the blue boxes below to read our transparency statement. This statement outlines why we think it's important to be transparent, what this means for you in practise and provides details on how you can request information from us.

Our commitment to transparency

Optivo aims to work in an open and transparent way. This supports our social purpose and makes good business sense.

In addition, the Regulator of Social Housing requires Registered Providers to be accountable to tenants, the regulator and stakeholders and have governance arrangements which are effective and transparent. To demonstrate our approach we will:

  • Work in clear and understandable ways
  • Inform residents what they can expect from us
  • Make information about our business easy to find
  • Respond to reasonable requests for information from anyone
  • Protect personal data
  • Support formal resident scrutiny of the business
  • Work openly with the Regulator of Social Housing, the Care Quality Commission, other regulators and government departments
  • Encourage staff to report concerns via our whistle-blowing process.
We are not classed as a public authority for the purposes of the Freedom of Information Act. But we do receive public funds for some of our work, for example to build new homes.

Transparency in practise

We will make this information permanently available on our website:
  1. Membership of our Board and Executive Team
  2. How to contact us, including phone number, postal address, email and online chat
  3. Our customer experience guide
  4. How to complain and compliment Optivo
  5. How to request information
  6. Most recent statutory accounts and annual report to residents
  7. Current strategic objectives, mission statement and core values
  8. Procurement policy
  9. How the resident of a block can obtain a copy of the fire risk assessment of their block, at no cost.

We receive grant from Homes England to provide homes on the ‘affordable homes programme’.  We will publish a quarterly list of expenditure over £500 relating to this programme on our website.

The total development grant received in quarter 1 (from 1 April to 30 June 2021) is as follows;
  • Greater London Authority (GLA): £16,000 
  • Homes England (HE): £3,198,500
  • Total: £3,214,500 
In our annual statutory accounts we will publish:
  1. Non-executive director (board member) remuneration and expenses on a named basis
  2. Executive director remuneration as a combined figure
  3. The remuneration of the highest paid executive (and if that is not the Chief Executive, we will publish the Chief Executive’s remuneration in addition)
  4. The number of staff being paid more than £60,000, in bands.

How to request information from Optivo

Although not covered by the Freedom of Information Act 2000, we want to work in an open way. We will charge £10 to provide the information. No charge will be made to residents for a copy of the fire risk assessment of their block of flats. Requests for information means business information. It does not include requests from residents about their tenancy or home which are covered by service standards to residents. Requests for business information can be made to;

The Company Secretary, Optivo
Governance department
Grosvenor House, 125 High Street
Croydon, CRO 9XP

Optivo will decide whether to provide the information or not. If we are not going to supply the information, the enquirer will be informed within 20 working days of receiving the request. We will give the reason, which will usually be due to data protection; business / commercial confidentiality or we consider the request is not reasonable.

If we are going to supply the information, we will do so within 28 working days of receiving the request and £10.

Anyone can request information. You do not need to be a resident. We will not release information about individual staff, residents or others.

This statement relates to information Optivo provides voluntarily. If an individual wants to see the personal and sensitive data we hold on them, a request should be made under the General Data Protection Regulation (‘GDPR’)  and Data Protection Act 2018 to:

Head of Data Protection and Compliance, Optivo
Governance Department
Grosvenor House, 125 High Street
Croydon, CR0 9XP


Want to find out more?

Here are some of the key areas of our website that may be of interest:

image: a resident reading a policyOur policies and publications

We want our business to be transparent, giving you a clear insight into what we’re doing, how we’re doing and what you need to know.

You can access policy documents, reports and other corporate publications below or by using the search function.  

image: our involved residents helped us create our annual reviewAnnual Report  and performance

Exploring the achievements and highlights of the year, our Annual Review is an interactive digital publication containing videos, photo galleries and pop out features. 

It was written with the help of our residents and is available in a range of formats.  

image: a photo of a calculator and some moneyHow we spend money

In order for us to achieve our strategic goals, we need to ensure we deliver value for money.

Spending money wisely is a large part of our decision making processes.  

image: 2 female Optivo staff members smilingGender pay gap

We’re committed to closing the gender pay gap in line with our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion strategy. 

We want our people to be respected for who they are, paid fairly for the job they do and given opportunities for career progression.

Our Gender Pay Gap Report includes an action plan which is already underway.  

Fire safety

image: fire safetyThe safety of residents is our number one priority.

We have robust procedures and comprehensive controls in place regarding fire safety which are reviewed and tested on a regular basis.

Each building also has its own Fire Risk Assessment. This is available upon request. Find out more:  

image: modern slavery iconModern Slavery Statement

We have a zero tolerance approach to modern slavery or exploitation of any kind. 

We expect those we work with to have the same zero tolerance approach and we’ll never knowingly work with any organisation whose practices are incompatible with our own.

Our Modern Slavery Statement sets out our commitment to comply with the principles of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 (MSA).  

image: 2 professionals shaking handsOur partners

We’ve set out to achieve great things and make a difference but we can’t do it alone. 

Find out more about what we expect from the people and organisations we work with here at Optivo.