Home swaps using Mutual Exchange

Image: A family at homeIf you’re an existing social housing resident and interested in moving home, a great option to consider is a mutual exchange (MX).

Mutual exchanges are when you find another social housing resident to swap homes with. This option gives you the flexibility to decide which area you’d like to move to, anywhere across the UK.

As an Optivo resident, you can register totally free with the below schemes:

  • House Exchange
  • HomeSwapper

You can check out our Housing Options booklet that includes our 9 top tips when preparing for a mutual exchange. 

You can find out more information on eligibility to do a mutual exchange in your tenancy agreement, if you need further information please refer to our Housing Options and Lettings Policy.

Reasons we may be unable to progress your request:

Your home is too big or too small for your exchange party's needs

We're only able to accept a mutual exchange where the exchange party will not under-occupy or over-occupy your home.

Your home is adapted for support needs that your exchange party doesn't require

We aim to ensure our homes meet the needs of our residents. It's important adapted properties are allocated to those who need it.

Legal action is currently being taken against either you or your exchange party's tenancy

If we're currently taking action against your tenancy, please get in touch to discuss your options.

You currently have a Tenancy Agreement that doesn't permit you to mutually exchange

Some tenancies don't permit mutual exchanges within the terms and conditions. Please check your Tenancy Agreement, for any help please get in touch.


Once you have found a suitable exchange partner, you will both need to complete a Mutual Exchange form.  All residents applying to move into an Optivo home will need to submit supporting ID documentation.

There's three steps to a home swap and we'll make a final decision on your application within 42 days.

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