Our involved residents

The residents in our governace structure, help influence decisions and scrutinise our services.

Residents and staff work together to identify what’s working well and where we can make improvements.
The structure also has links with our Board ensuring our residents’ voices are heard throughout the organisation.

Become a board member

Do you care about your community and have an understanding of the issues affecting Optivo residents? Why not become a board member!

Our Board is responsible for working with staff and residents to make sure Optivo is running as efficiently as we can.

It’s vital our Board reflects the diverse needs and perspectives of our own residents; that’s why we need you.

If you're interested in applying or for more information, find out more here.

Here's our resident governance structure:

Resident Governance structure

Regional Residents' Panel

Being on the Local Repairs Panel you:
  • Scrutinise Optivo’s performance in the region
  • Shape the priorities for the resident involvement and co-creation plan for the region
  • Help shaping priorities for the work of regional housing and property teams
  • Build and maintain links with local partnering contractors, maintain links with local communities and key stakeholders
 Membership for each region can be found below:

Sussex Regional Residents' Panel

Members include:
  • Christopher Wickerson
  • Brenda Shawky
  • Carol Thomas
  • Derek Fisher
  • Graham Tombs
  • Nicholas Chillingworth
  • Sean Barnes
  • Yvonne Hardman

London Regional Residents' Panel

Members include:
  • Margaret Ashmead
  • Janette Bryan
  • Mark David Stimson
  • Penelope Ann Walker
  • Adetokumbo Adeleye
  • Ashley Dennis
  • Diana Taylor
  • Janette Bryan
  • Sonia Garrick
  • W M Tromans
  • Winnifred Carneiro
  • Micheal Loveder

Midlands Regional Residents' Panel

Members include:
  • Daniel Catchpole
  • Billy Brown
  • Carl Hegarty
  • Nathan Peart
  • Robert Blake
  • Susan Latimer

Kent Regional Residents' Panel

Members include:
  • Graham Whitehead
  • Anita Lowe
  • Carol Hayes
  • Chrisdina O'Neill
  • Lindsey Davies
  • Mathew Bromley
  • Michael Jarvis
  • Michelle Williams
  • Sally Laserian Marchant

Complaint Panel

Residents on our Complaints Panel:
  • Scrutinise complaints performance
  • Provide a pool of residents to sit on complaints review hearings
 Membership details can be found below:

Complaints Panel Members

Members include:
  • Helena Ingham
  • Cherub Esomonu
  • Margaret Hannah Bowry
  • Mathew Bromley
  • Nicholas Chillingworth
  • Robert Blake
  • Sonia Garrick

Resident Policy Panel

Residents on our Policy Panel:
  • Monitor and scrutinise customer facing policy work across Optivo
  • Endorse customer facing policies on behalf of the Resident Strategy Group (RSG) (delegated authority).
Membership details can be found below:

Resident Policy Panel members

Members include:
  • Akua Agyei
  • Diana Taylor
  • James Henry Tubb
  • Michael Jarvis
  • Phillip Faulkner
  • Sally Laserian Marchant
  • W M Tromans

Scrutiny Panel

Residents on our Scrutiny Panel:

Membership details can be found below:

Scrutiny Panel members:

Members include:
  • Rosemary Ley
  • Anthony Collis
  • Charles Lynch
  • Maureen Handy
  • Patricia Arnold
  • Patricia Catherine Caro
  • Philippa Brown

Resident Strategy Group

Representatives from each of the Regional Residents’ Panels, Complaints Panel and Policy Panel. A resident Chair and one representative from each region who is not a member of any other group in the resident governance structure. 

  • Scrutinise delivery of Optivo’s Strategic Plan
  • Monitor and scrutinise performance across the business
  • Helping shape organisation-wide policies and strategies
  • Oversee Optivo’s resident involvement, co-creation and resident governance work. 

Work with Board and Executive Team to develop strategy and influence budgets.

Resident Strategy Group members

Members include:
  • Monica Barnes MBE (Interim Chair)
  • Mark Stimson (Vice Chair and London Regional Residents’ Panel Representative)
  • Jim Tubb (Resident Policy Panel Representative)
  • Helena Ingham (Complaints Panel Representative)
  • Billy Brown (Midlands Regional Residents’ Panel Representative)
  • Graham Whitehead (Kent Regional Residents’ Panel Representative)
  • Christopher Wickerson (Sussex Regional Residents’ Panel Representative)