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Our resident governance structure means that we have residents at the heart of our organisation, helping to influence decisions and scrutinise our services.

Our resident governance structure:

The residents in our governance structure help influence decisions and scrutinise our services.  Residents and staff work together to identify what’s working well and where we can make improvements.
The structure also has links with our Board, ensuring our residents’ voices are heard throughout the organisation.

For example, our Resident Ambassadors make a real difference, not only to those living in their local communities, but also to the lives of all  Optivo residents. In addition to this, the diagram below explains how our wide range of Panels and Groups work together to help influence decisions at Board level:

Resident Governance structure

You can find out more about what each Panel and Group does by expanding the blue boxes below:

Regional Resident Panels

Our local panels from our four regions – London, Kent, Sussex and the Midlands – look at decisions made by the Resident Strategy Group.

They’re our critical friend. They consider the impact of our decisions at local level, while building and maintaining links with local communities.

The panels meet four times a year to scrutinise our regional performance and help us set priorities for the region.

Meetings are around two hours each and members are offered the opportunity to participate in relevant learning and development to support them in their roles.

Interested in getting involved? Contact us.

Complaints Panel

How do we ensure complaints are dealt with satisfactorily? With the help of our residents of course!

Our Complaints Panel monitors and scrutinises complaints performance across the whole of Optivo. They sit on complaints review hearings.

They’re responsible for monitoring and scrutinising complaints performance, value for money and service delivery.

The panel works with our staff to make recommendations on how the complaints service could be improved.

The panel deals with complaints performance and helps decide serious complaints. It isn’t involved in day-to-day resident complaints. 

Members also have the opportunity to consult on key policies and procedures impacting on the delivery of the complaints service.

Meetings are held four times each year for two hours. Members should consider the additional requirement of being available to attend complaints hearings. Full training and guidance is given to support you in this vital role.

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Resident Policy Panel

The panel monitor and scrutinise customer facing policy work across Optivo, as well as endorsing customer facing policies. 

They agree, monitor and manage the programme of policies. The panel also recommends new or revisions of existing policies to Board or Executive Team.

The panel meets when required and members are offered the opportunity to participate in relevant learning and development to support them in their roles.

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Scrutiny Panels

This panel is made up of residents from across our four regions.

Scrutiny panel members are not able to join our other resident panels. This is to ensure the panel takes an independent view of Optivo’s services.

Their role is to carry out in-depth scrutiny reviews of our service areas. 

They undertake an annual project, commissioned by the Resident Strategy Group, to scrutinise a specific service area.

A report of findings and recommendations is then presented to the Resident Strategy Group and Executive Team.

The panel meet as required, which can be at least an hour every two weeks at the peak of a project. 

Scrutiny Panel members are paid at a fixed hourly rate for the time dedicated to the project.

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Resident Strategy Group

This important group scrutinises and monitors performance across the whole of Optivo and challenges decisions made by the organisation.  

Our Resident Strategy Group works in partnership with the Board and our Executive Team.

Led by an independent Chair, they play a vital and key role in the direction we’re heading.

The group hold six meetings a year, usually for around three hours, though there is often additional work outside these meetings.

Members are also expected to participate in relevant learning and development to support them in their roles.


We're recruiting:

We’re on the lookout for new Resident Strategy Group (RSG) members and it could be you!

We’re looking for people who can communicate constructively and objectively as part of a team, who know about issues affecting fellow residents and who want to make a difference. 

In the roles, you’ll prepare for and attend five RSG meetings per year. There’ll also be other events, activities and training, to support you.

Read more here.

Procurement Panel

Are you interested in how we decide on what goods or services we use and where we spend money? This might be the group for you!

No previous experience is necessary – just a willingness to work with us. We’ll provide training on the main principles of the Procurement Cycle, the rules we must follow and our working practices.

With the help of the Resident Procurement Panel, we’ll all see the results in terms of improved services, product selection and spend.

Interested in getting involved? Contact us.

Resident Design and Quality Forum

This a forum which looks at the issues around development on new homes. It’s also a chance for residents to provide feedback on what they think of the new homes we’re building, including scrutinising the design. 

Residents are invited to attend new developments on a site visit at least once a year and meet virtually in between.

The recommendations from the forum have a real impact and are used to set the standards for new future developments.

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How can you make a difference?

Billy explains why he got involved with Optivo and how he is making a difference to his community. Hear what he had to say:

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What are the benefits?

There are a number of great reasons to get involved:

  • Make a real difference in your community
  • Boost your CV and learn new skills
  • Helping others is a great way to improve your confidence and wellbeing
  • Meet new people.
Our supportive team offer full training and are on hand to answer any queries you may have. 

Want to get involved?

The quickest and easiest way to contact us is online using our online form.

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Alternatively you can contact us through our online service MyAccount or call us on 0800 121 60 60.