Our lift refurbishment programme

IMAGE: Pressing the button for a lift

Updated: 21 April 2022

We’ve over 400 passenger lifts installed across our buildings and we’ve a three-year project to replace 68 of these. 

There are various factors we use to prioritise our lift replacement programme. These include:

  • The age of the lift - is it approaching or exceeded its typical life expectancy?
  • The reliability of the lift - does it have frequent breakdowns and periods of non-availability?
  • The availability of spare parts - are the parts obsolete and no longer supported by the manufacturer?
  • The safety features of the lift - could the safety features be increased?

The average cost of a lift replacement is around £125,000 to £150,000. 

We’re committed to investing in our lifts to ensure our residents have modern, safe and reliable means of moving between floors.

Other reasons why a lift needs to be replaced

Every piece of electrical or mechanical equipment will reach the end of its serviceable life at some point. And a decision will need to be taken about what to do next. 

Lifts are no different. It’s easy to take one for granted. Most users will never see anything other than the interior decoration, pushes and displays. 

Yet throughout its life, mechanical and electrical components within the lift system will make hundreds of thousands, in some cases millions, of operations. Like any other machine, those components will eventually age, wear and expire.

What should I do if there’s a fault with my lift?

If a lift is out of service or has developed a fault, then please report this to us.

In an emergency (e.g. someone is stuck in the lift) please call us on 0800 121 60 60. Our Lift Contractors will respond within one hour of the issue being reported. For non-urgent repairs our Lift Contractors will attend within four hours.

For more information about our approach to lift management you can read our Passenger Lift and Lifting Equipment Management Plan. This sets out how we manage the risks posed by lifts and lifting equipment in our properties in line with the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER).

Read our Passenger Lift and Lifting Equipment Management Plan (PDF, 93KB)

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