What happens if my home is impacted by adverse weather conditions?


09 February 2020

image: storm in the UK

If your home is affected by adverse weather conditions, we may be able to help.

We’ve put together some helpful information below.

Please note: When adverse weather conditions occur, we may experience higher call volumes than normal. For the quickest and most effective response, follow the advice below to direct your enquiry to the appropriate organisation.
  • Fence panel damage: If your fence borders a public highway or lines a common area in a block of flats, we can repair this. You are responsible for repairs to all other fences. More info here.

  • Roof tile damage: The quickest way to report and book in repairs is through our online service MyAccount. You can also call us on 0800 121 60 60.image: fallen tree

  • Blocked main sewerage drains: Contact your water company.

  • Power cut or electrical emergency: Visit the UK Power Network website or call them on 0800 31 63 105.                 

  • Fallen trees: If a tree has fallen on our land, please contact us. You are responsible for fallen branches in your gardens.

If you have any other concerns or questions, the quickest and easiest way to contact us with non emergency enquiries is through MyAccount. You can also call us on 0800 121 60 60 or speak to us using Live Chat. For emergencies please always call us. Full details on how you can get in touch can be found here.